International school in informatics for Juniors

June 25- July 5, Innopolis, 2019
11 days
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The mission of International School in Informatics "Junior"
The mission of International School in Informatics "Junior" (ISIJ) is to create a space of Olympiads in Informatics startup for all juniors of the world, to unite school teachers and coaches – innovators in Informatics in a single international coaching community, to create a collection of materials for the development of school's Informatics in the world for talented juniors.

ISIJ is initiated by the scientists of national Olympiad in Informatics in Russia together with the organizer of IOI 2016 (Kazan Federal University - KFU, Russia), organizer of the first IOI 1989 and EJOI 2017 (Bulgaria), organizer of EJOI 2018 (Innopolis University, Russia,), organizers of IOI 2000 (Chine) and IOI 1995 (Nederland).

The schedule ISIJ 2019
June, 25 - July, 5
June 25
Day of arrival 1
June 26
day of arrival 2 (meeting of participants). Sports recreation. Evening meeting/ STC /Organizing Committee ISIJ.
June 27
Trial tour/ Planetarium / Opening. Photo/ Press/ Museum of Olympiad Informatics/ 3D design club
June 28
Lesson 1 according to the schedule/ Robbo club/ Sports
June 29
Lesson 2 according to the schedule/ Robbo club/ Sports
June 30
Lesson 3 according to the schedule/ Excursion to Kazan. Science museum/ Evening Kazan Kremlin
July 1
Lesson 4 according to the schedule/ Robbo-tournament / Sports
July 2
Lesson 5 according to the schedule / Chess club/ Awarding by the results of the Lessons schools and Robbo-tournament/ Sports tournament
July 3
ISIJ Cup / Origami club/ Chess tournament/ Sports tournament
July 4
Excursion to Sviyazhsk/ Closing and awarding at the end of the cups / Photo/ Press
July 5
Registration and fees
The cost of the registration fee includes: education, accommodation, food and cultural program

For each participant and coach of the team
Russia, Bulgaria, China and the Netherlands (the founding members)
For each participant and coach of the team
Russian Participants
32500 RUB
Welcoming speech
The project of the International School in Informatics for juniors was initiated by Russia and Bulgaria for creative interaction of Olympiad Informatics teachers of IOI member countries.
Combining the experience of different countries, we plan to direct the best methods of school Informatics to the early development of talented children – citizens of the digital society of the 21st century. Today's students will become developers of new complex cyber-physical systems in the global digital economy, and our task is to discover the talent of juniors in the field of Informatics.
We wish successful cooperation to the Coaching Council, Scientific and Technical Committee and experts from the countries-participants of the international school, and to the students - the highest achievements in the Olympiad Informatics!
Tsvetkova Marina
Program Director ISIJ, Head of the Coaching Council of the school
Professor of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences
ISIJ 2018
Always in touch
Phone: +79003282626
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